1994 Members

David Dykhouse

Richard H. Headlee

Fritz Lewis

Charles A. McAlear

Ralph Moulton

A.J. Pasant

Charles M. Trubac

Nile Vermillion

Thomas L. Wenck

Roy Westran


1995 Members

Thomas G. Bowman

Howard "Corky" Gaylor

Vern Valentine

(V.V.) Moulton

Maxine V. Niemeye

William E. Robb


1996 Members

Harvey E. Kern

Irwin "Burt" Meisel


1997 Members

Robert A. Bailey

C. Eugene Chang

Wardell C. Croft


1998 Members

Donald A. Aschom

Margaret L. Torok


1999 Members

E.L. Cox

Douglas L. Federau


2000 Members

Robert W. Elliot Jr.

Thomas H. Ritter

Richard E. Whitmer


2001 Members

John C. Prost

Robert E.J. Wiseman


2002 Members

Donald Ray Haas

Patrick W. Stainsby

2003 Members

Douglas G. Heeter

Harry G. Iwasko Jr.

H. Max Tanner

2004 Members

Morrall M. Claramunt

Ralph J. Ladd


2005 Members

Wayne McBride

Daniel Sobczynski

2006 Members

Nicholas J. Simone

Larry W. Thomas


2008 Members

Janet K. Holstine

Thomas C. Jones

Norman J.E. Roe


2009 Members

Herman J. Arends

James M. Crosby


2010 Members

Mark Odland

Merton J. Segal

James E. Wilds


2011 Members

Donald E. Eve

Robert B. Hughes

D. Joseph Olson


2012 Member

Lawrence Kish


2013 Members

Frank Dick

Michael Larges

David Smithkey

2014 Members
Arthur Judson
Bob Pierce

Clair Stevens


2015 Members
John Rowe
Robert Smith


2016 Members
Michael R. Hubbel
Robert W. Umstead

David M. Walker

2017 Members
Leroy Bostic
Mike Maurer

Roger Sitkins

2018 Members
Carol Breed
Jim Robinson

2019 Members

Jeffrey Harrold

Christine VanAbel

2020 Members

Mary LaPorte

Wendy Loveless

Roger Stoor


2021 Members

Lori McAllister

Scott White


2021 Hall of Fame Inductees

The Michigan Insurance Hall of Fame honored two outstanding insurance industry leaders, legends, and innovators at the next annual induction ceremony held August, 2021 in Lansing.


Lori McAllister, J.D. has practiced with the Dykema Law Firm since 1986, enjoying a distinguished career with a special emphasis on the insurance industry and insurance-related matters. She has an active insurance litigation practice, and regularly acts as counsel for insurers in complicated insurance class actions. She also advises insurance industry boards of directors on various issues and advises insurance industry clients on their day-to-day operations, corporate governance issues, and audit committee matters.  She has provided advice and counsel with respect to auto no-fault reform, complicated insurance mergers and acquisition transactions, highly specialized reinsurance deals, demutualization, and conversions to a mutual holding company.  She has also mentored young attorneys as they work in the field of insurance and does pro bono legal work in her community.


Scott White has been active in the insurance industry since 1988, currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of VAST Insurance in Marquette, MI. VAST has been recognized as a Top Insurance Workplace by Insurance Business America for the past two years and a Best Practices agency by Independent Agents & Brokers of America. for the past 12 years. Scott has served as a member and chairperson for many state, regional and national insurance company advisory councils and has served on a number of community boards in Marquette County. He is also a past board member for the Small Business Administration of Michigan and has been featured in various industry publications including: Rough Notes Magazine, Independent Agent Magazine, and Auto Owners Insurance Company's 'The Emblem'.