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Our Mission 

The role of the Michigan Insurance Hall of Fame is to recognize individuals for excellence in leadership, service and contributions to improve the ability of the Michigan insurance industry to serve the public in the state of Michigan, and furthermore to support education, research, and technology that advances the understanding and public awareness and recognition of the economic role of the insurance and risk management business.


Plans for The Michigan Insurance Hall of Fame as a way to recognize insurance industry leaders began in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  Industry professionals agreed that the Michigan Insurance Center would be located at The University of Olivet in Olivet, Michigan at the home of the nationally-recognized University of Olivet Insurance and Risk Management Program.


The Michigan Insurance Hall of Fame, in addition to being a showcase for major accomplishments within the insurance industry, houses facilities for continuing education in insurance, a resource center, and student insurance organization gatherings. 

Annually, the Michigan Insurance Hall of Fame honors insurance professionals. Recipients of this honor are recognized for their outstanding leadership, professional achievements, initiative, insight and ethics. They are chosen by a distinguished panel which will include executives from all areas of the insurance industry.  

Members of the Hall of Fame serve as positive role models for students of insurance from around the state.  Portraits of the members and a record of their accomplishments remain on constant display.  This acknowledgement of distinguished industry practitioners is another positive contribution to the statewide image of insurance in general.


In addition to recognizing those already established in the insurance industry, the Insurance Hall of Fame awards scholarships annually to deserving students in the name of that year’s new Hall of Fame members.  

Board of Directors

Terri Miller (2026)

Hall of Fame President

TAMiller Consulting, LLC


Debbie McDonnell (2025)

Hall of Fame Vice President

Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Co

Karyn Spaude (2024)

Hall of Fame Secretary

Sheila Brake (2026)

Accident Fund

Jim Robinson (2026)


Melissa Veenstra (2026)

Michigan Insurance Company


Janet Holstine (2025)
Insurance Educators, Inc.






Mike Puerner (2025)

Hastings Mutual Insurance Co

Dyck VanKoevering (2025)
Insurance Alliance of Michigan

Bill Woodbury (2025)
Auto Owners Insurance Group

Kevin Marti (2025)


James Wilds (2025)

Wilds Management & Consulting


Tom Humphreys

Hall of Fame Administrator

320 S Main Street

Olivet MI 49076


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